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Camp facilities

Eurocamp offers a range of free facilities to make life easier on the camp site.  
Some of the more important is mentioned below:

  • Nice toilets - offcause with fresh water.

  • Hot Showers - boost your morning!

  • Refrigerators to store your food. (With padlocks - so nobody steals your Nutella®)

  • Wireless internet connection (just bring your laptop, 14 days is a looong time without facebook, email)

  • Computers with internet connection (if you don't bring your own computer)

  • Charge station for cell phones, cameras, laptops etc.

  • Camp bikes, makes it easy to come around the camp side, go to the nearby supermarked etc. 

  • A climbing tower including instructors to help you.

  • Pole climbing, also with instructors.

  • A beach volleyball field where the high prestige Eurocamp-Volley-Tournament will be played.

  • A 24 hour Info shack - for questions and any kind of help

The camp site is divided into different areas. To get a overview see the picture below.
Please click on the picture to view it in full size

articles: camp site005.png
1. Information Center (Info shack)

2. Activity Area

3. Toilet and shower facilities

4. Camp area 1 consisting of 8 cells, each approx. 250 m˛

5. Family camp area

6. The big stage for performances, camp fires and evening fun.

7. The large cafe environment, a big tent of approx. 500 m˛

8. Beach volleyball court, where tournaments will take place

9. Climbing Area with many extreme sporting challenges

10. Camp area 2 consisting of 8 cells, each approx. 240 m˛

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